Day 2 in NYC

MoMA, Halal Guys in Central Park (featuring a mischievous raccoon), more MoMA, Uniqlo, Muji, and a roomie reunion

I woke up around 9:20, got ready for the day, and scarfed down a bowl of hot oatmeal before dashing out the door to the subway.

I struggled with the MetroPass for a bit and then hurried onto the train, praying I was headed in the right direction.

From there, I got off and headed towards MoMA.

Ha and I met, and we took an elevator up to the sixth floor. We worked our way down two stories, stopping by the iconic Starry Night, which, as Brian had told me, was ringed by a semicircle of avid art-lovers.

I joined their ranks, snapped a quick pic, and then was on my way.

At this point, it was close to noon, so we decided we’d try Halal Guys, a foodtruck in NYC well-known for its good food.

We got the $8 Combo platter and headed to Central Park to enjoy our meal.

As we sat on a bench, a raccoon approached us from behind and pawed at our unguarded Halal Guys bag, licking the sauce packets clean.

$8 for a shitton of food & a priceless view of a raccoon out in the daytime

I wound up giving it some lettuce and rice (both rejected) and a few chunks of chicken and lamb (accepted). I don’t know what raccoons eat, but this one was very happy to take the food I offered to it.

After lunch, we walked back to MoMA. We passed by this cool dandelion-inspired fountain.

After browsing through the rest of the floors, we headed out to go to Uniqlo. They had a new Doraemon theme.

Seeing as Doraemon played a fundamental part in my childhood, I naturally had to take a touristy photo next to him.

After about half an hour of windowshopping, we grabbed bubble tea at Gong Cha.

And then we were off to Muji, where I bought a small $3 notebook.

We walked back to 33rd street, rode the subway, and parted ways.

I practically ran to my dinner date with Susie. I ran almost 20 minutes late because I had trouble navigating the metro and whatnot. :(

The food was really good, but the company was even better. It was nice catching up with her again!

After that, I headed back to the apartment to rest my aching feet. At that point, I had walked 18k steps, so my calves were throbbing with a dull pain.

Elizabeth came back not too long after I reached the apartment, and we cooked pasta for her dinner. And then Henry got back and we chatted awhile.

After resting for a little while longer, we decided to go to Hoboken, New Jersey and see the Manhattan skyline at night.

It was gorgeous. I also got to meet Elizabeth’s friend, Blake. We had a good time, eating Insomnia Cookies by the water’s edge. There may or may not have been a ritual where we sacrificed our Type A personalities to beings of a higher power… in this dank-ass gazebo with lighting that looked like you were gonna be beamed up into outer space.

It was great until I realized how cold it was. We snapped a few quick pics and headed back.

I’m gonna sleep in tomorrow and head out on my own for a solo daytrip. Gonna explore the Met! That’ll be fun. :)

Until next time!

Artist who thinks and feels out loud